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WeHo Mayor D’Amico’s Favorite Part of Pride Weekend

Nothing short of traditions, LA Pride is almost here, bringing together old faces and new friends. Sworn in as mayor on May...

LB MAYOR GARCIA: Parade Vs. Festival

Though complicated, Long Beach has a long-standing history in the LGBTQ+ community (see page 9). From the iconic “Gayborhood,” to the plentiful...

John Duran Steps Down as WeHo Mayor

Hours before a West Hollywood City Council meeting to discuss options regarding Mayor John Duran involvement in the City, Duran announced his resignation as...

Thanksgiving with Long Beach Mayor Garcia

What better way to get to know the man running a city with one of the largest LGBTQ+ populations outside of San Francisco than...

A Breakdown of What all the LGBTQ+ Midterm Election Victories Mean

The Blue Wave that swept through the U.S. House certainly had a rainbow tinge to it, and the victories didn’t stop there. A record-breaking...

Top 10 Nationwide LGBTQ Victories in the Midterm Elections

With the dust settling on yesterday's midterm election results, it seems there is hope on the horizon for LGBTQ+ representation nationwide. Not only did a...

HIV-Positive Activist Wins Second Term as Mayor in Rural Pennsylvania

After a unanimous win in 2016, Sean Strub was re-elected as mayor of Mitford, Pennsylvania this November.

Compton’s Youngest Mayor Gets Second Term

Compton Mayor Aja Brown won a decisive victory for a second term against former Mayor Omar Bradley. The election was notable for the fact that both candidates had served as mayor of the city. Omar Bradley worked in city hall from 1993 to 2001. Brown, meanwhile, was running for reelection after a first term.