WeHo Mayor D’Amico’s Favorite Part of Pride Weekend

Photos: Courtesy.

Nothing short of traditions, LA Pride is almost here, bringing together old faces and new friends. Sworn in as mayor on May 13. John D’Amico will experience the Pride seasom for the first time as the mayor of West Hollywood.  Always a jovial time for the City, D’Amico is looking forward to the entirety of the Pride season. How will his perspective on the event change as the head of the City? The Pride L.A. spoke with D’Amico about the upcoming festivities. Check it out: 

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Are you excited for LA Pride? 

Of course, every year is different and exciting.  This year promises to be one for the record books.   

What do you prefer — the parade or the festival?  

I enjoy the entire weekend.  The amount of love and happiness in West Hollywood during Pride Weekend is nothing short of amazing.  Just walking around seeing everyone enjoying our city, living their authentic lives, thinking about how West Hollywood has made actual life a reality for so many people – what’s not to love? 

  What are you most looking forward to this year? Anything new?  

Looking forward to One City One Pride arts festival – so much to see and do and experience.  The richness of the events is not to be missed.  The newest thing is an old favorite – our free Friday night celebration with the dyke march and this year’s special event with Paula Abdul will kick this off in a big way.

 What has the City of West Hollywood recently done to help the LGBTQ+ community?  

Our city’s ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ rights will never waiver.  In light of the recent drug use and overdose tragedies West Hollywood has a renewed commitment to young men of color – understanding how we can play a more productive role in promoting healthy living and targeted HIV messages. And to trans people – helping with jobs and housing and developing messages that resonate and promote the lives of trans folks in our community. These are two of my priorities for the coming year.   

What is the significance of Pride events? Why host LA Pride in West Hollywood? 

LA Pride in West Hollywood is an institution that is worth protecting and nurturing.  We will always have a Pride celebration in West Hollywood – it is part of our DNA.  And it has been passed from generation to generation – someone reading this might be part of the next generation to take the reins? Welcome aboard. 

What kind of message about the City do you hope people take away from Pride weekend?  

We’re here to make the safe container for LA Pride in West Hollywood, what you fill that with is your choice.  

What does Pride mean to you?  

Everyone has a role to play, I wake up every day and live my life to fullest, I demand my rights and I’m grateful for the love I have.