BREAKING: India Decriminalizes Homosexuality

India just took a step forward in the right to choose who you love. On Wednesday, Sept. 5, India’s Supreme Court ruled to abolish...

UPDATE: Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Has Been Shelved

The California Assembly Bill that would ban the practice of Gay Conversion Therapy has been shelved for further evaluation. Assemblymember Evan Low (D-San Jose),...

Senate Approves Bill to Declare LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy for Adults a Fraudulent Practice

Though conversion therapy for children has been banned in California for the past five years, the Senate just recently declared adult conversion therapy a...

Costa Rica Legalizes Gay Marriage, Equal Rights

The ban on same-sex marriage in Costa Rica has been found unconstitutional. The Supreme Court gave lawmakers a year and a half to legalize...

This Just In: L.A. LGBT Center Responds to Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court just set a terrible precedent for anti-LGBT business owners.

New Hampshire Just Took a Huge Step Towards Trans Rights

Live Free or Die has taken on a whole new meaning

Why Was the Bulleit Bourbon Heir Pushed Out of Her Own Company?

Being out and gay had something to do with it.

For the First Time, a Trans Person Sues Under ACA

Kate Lynn Blatt means business

Bet Tzedek To Provide Legal Services to LA’s Transgender Community

The services are part of the newly launched Communities Against Hate national initiative.

North Carolina Bathroom Bill Repealed…To Be Replaced By Something Nearly Identical

The repeal of North Carolina's "Bathroom Bill" isn't the end of the matter