Chelsea Manning Prepares for Potential Senate Run

“We need to stop expecting that out systems will somehow fix themselves.”

Trans United Fund is America’s First Transgender PAC

Trans United Fund is working to get more Transgender candidates on 2018 ballots.

These are the Battles We Face in 2018

New year, new government!

Danica Roem Has Officially Taken Office

Let the revolution begin!

Supreme Court Upholds Mississippi’s “License to Discriminate” Law

HV 1523 allows citizens to discriminate at will in the name of religious freedom.

The Trump Administration Just Forbid the CDC From Using the Word “Transgender.”

The list of forbidden terms also includes “fetus,” and “science-based.”

Trump Removes Protections for Central Americans in the U.S.

Here's what it means for L.A.

Tammy Baldwin Introduces Legislation Increasing Services for LGBTQ+ Elders

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin has just introduced a new piece of legislation to help protect LGBTQ+ seniors.

City Hall Protesters Call for Access to Bathrooms for Homeless Citizens

Protesters at L.A. City Hall are fighting for the rights of homeless individuals to use public restrooms.

Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Gets Rejected

Transgender service members will retain their right to serve and protect.

For Pride, Senator Kamala Harris Calls for a “Coalition”

For all his bloviating on subjects from the media to “covfefe,” Pride month went by without even a canned statement from President Donald Trump. But another Washington newcomer, California Senator Kamala Harris, has filled the silence left by the commander and chief with a video recalling her efforts to fight for marriage equality and offering the LGBTQ community her full support.

Do the Gays Still Approve of Kathy Griffin?

Kathy Griffin has been an unsung hero of gays everywhere since her role as restaurant critic Vicki Groener on the little appreciated late-90’s sitcom, “Suddenly Susan.” Since the pinnacle of her success, Griffin has played into her D-list celebrity status, even going so far as to make a reality show about it called, what else, “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.”

Trump Appointee Tries Hiding Homophobic, Sexist Trail

Charmaine Yoest is no ally

LAUSD Sets Restrictions on Immigration Officials in Schools

In a new resolution, LAUSD laid out a comprehensive set of guidelines for dealing with the growing threat of deportation to immigrant populations

LGBT and Minority Groups Find Solace in the Second Amendment

As the Trump Administration grows more threatening, oppressed groups are reaching for their guns