L.A. Leather Pride Contestants Soak Up SoCal

Presenting the half-naked bar crawl to end all bar crawls…

West Hollywood is in Desperate Need of New Lesbian Spaces

As lesbian bars continue to shut down across the country, L.A. needs new women-run spaces more than ever.

Paris is Still Burning

Drag has always been a part of American culture. But in the past 30 years, drag has been at the forefront of a political revolution that no one saw coming.

Chris Fleming is Gender’s Greatest (and Most Hilarious) Critic

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Masterbeat the New Year in and out

BY STEVE WEINSTEIN  |  Most people associate New York with New Year’s Eve. No matter where they live, the New Year starts when they...

Clock is ticking on Nicki Minaj. Tick. Tock.

      Nicki Minaj has unfollowed a fan who asked her to say something, anything about the massacre in Orlando. Instead the star unfollowed the gay man for...

Daphne Willis brings a Nashville suprise to LA Pride’s mainstage

BY TROY MASTERS  |  Nashville singer-songwriter Daphne Willis will make her LA Pride debut with a main stage performance on Friday, June 10, at...

VIDEO: WeHo “Pick up Trolley” is more than a way to get home safely

BY ROBERT WILLIAMS  |  If you live in West Hollywood and continue to drive to the bars, you have missed the boat- well, in...

Still “Like a Virgin”

The queens at the Madonna Bar in WeHo are already screeching: The Mistress of reinvention lands in LA for her October 27 concert at...