LGBTQ Seniors Share Their Stories of Love in NewStages’ “I Do!”

NewStages is providing an artistic outlet for the LGBTQ+ seniors in the Los Angeles area. Comprising of 10-25 participants at any given...

BREAKING: House Passes Equality Act LGBTQ rights Bill

Despite previously aggressive pushback from Republican lawmakers, the US House of Representatives passed the Equality Act on...

GAY L.A. – Long Beach’s Central Place in Queer L.A. History

From an era-defining raid to a gentrification hotspot, a breakdown of Long Beach’s part in the movement. Long...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another Defense for Rainbow Flag Creator

A second response to a “Letter to the Editor” regarding the true identity for the historic rainbow flag creator

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Defending the Rainbow Flag Creator

In response to a "Letter to the Editor" regarding the true identity for the historic rainbow flag creator

A Look Behind Genderqueer “Rubbish and Dreams”

Queer artists of Los Angeles, get ready for an enriching evening on Saturday, April 13. The California LGBT...

GAY LA: When Lesbian Visibility Was an L.A. Specialty

In 2017, West Hollywood’s Plummer Park hosted an exhibit titled Lesbians to Watch Out For: ’90s Queer L.A. Activism.

Hollywood’s First Out Gay Star Was So Much More

 In the 1920s and 30s, William Haines refused to play by society’s rules.  In the studio system of...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: False Claims of Rainbow Flag Creator

One year after his death, Lynn Segerblom began a public campaign to rewrite history. In her statements to the media and public, she has identified herself as the sole creator of the Rainbow Flag, or sometimes as the co-creator. Her narrative continues to change. Lynn is now using her erroneous claims to solicit money for a documentary and a book.

GAY L.A.: In 1952, Gay and Latinx Angelenos Fought Back

When the police came for marginalized groups in the 1950s, a near-alliance was formed between two of L.A.’s most beleaguered (and intersecting) groups. The...