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“Unhappy Hour” Elevates the Art of Whining

Get ready to whine about it

About That ‘L Word’ Sequel…

The rumors are true.

Photographers Push Boundaries With #ArtAgainstHate

Steven Trumon Gray and Chad Wagner enlisted the help of a few friends to make a provocative, visual statement against Trump.

This Summer, Prepare for a Host of New Gay Anthems

But seriously, where's that new Lana Del Rey album?

New Season of “Orange is the New Black” Brings New Drama,...

As far as queer TV goes, audiences can always count on Jenji Kohan’s prison saga to deliver the goods.

The Internet is Ablaze Over Man Bun Ken

Precisely no one was prepared for this.

Dodgers Pride Night Hits a Homerun

This past Friday, Dodgers Stadium lit up with pride

L.A. Dodgers Pride Night Sends a Message of Hope, Progress

L.A.’s home team shows love to a community that has always been close to its heart.

A New Documentary Goes in Depth on James Beard’s Life, Sexuality

In the beginning, there was Beard

John Waters Launches Adult Summer Camp

The base price of $499 includes just about everything – even an autographed copy of Waters’ latest book, "Make Trouble"

The Most Anticipated Queer Documentaries from Tribeca

Some of the best queer nonfiction flicks to watch out for this season

“The Sewers of Paris” is Podcast Gold

Matt Baume is cataloging gay male history, one interview at a time

Getting Down in Griffith Park: A History

The Griffith Park Gay-In was a long time coming

Betty Who’s “The Valley” Makes Pop Personal

Betty Who is the kind of artist who might have been able to coast on covering ‘80s ballads for a good part of her...

Jonathan Demme’s Queer Cinema

Yesterday, we lost one of great American filmmakers of the past 30 years in Jonathan Demme, who died in his Manhattan home at the...