When Nino Fortson Died, So Did His Name

Another trans life lost, and misinterpreted in death.

City to Protect Trans Citizens From Trump

A new motion could help transgender and nonbinary citizens from discriminatory Federal laws.

Chelsea Manning Prepares for Potential Senate Run

“We need to stop expecting that out systems will somehow fix themselves.”

Transgender Actors are Set to Strike the Biggest “Pose” in TV

Ryan Murphy’s new show boasts the greatest number of trans actors on television to date.

L.A.’s Day of the Dead Honors Trans Victims and Survivors

L.A.’s Trans Latin@ Coalition hosted a vigil for all the trans lives lost to violence over the years.

Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Gets Rejected

Transgender service members will retain their right to serve and protect.

In High School Sports, the Battle Over Gender Rages On

In the world of competitive sports, the debate over hormones has become even more disputed in recent years.

North Carolina Bathroom Bill Repealed…To Be Replaced By Something Nearly Identical

The repeal of North Carolina's "Bathroom Bill" isn't the end of the matter

Arkansas is Seriously Considering Making It Illegal to Be Trans

Three bills could decide the fate of trans residents in the state this week

Laverne Cox to Star in ABC Show “The Trustee”

  Transgender actress Laverne Cox will star in ABC’s new hour long comedy, “The Trustee.” Cox, who first came to prominence in “Orange is the New...