Second Person with HIV Potentially Cured

What was once essentially a death sentence, now has hope for a cure. A second person has been confirmed HIV-free earlier this week after...

L.A.THEATRE REVIEW: A Queer Eye for the Boxing Guy in “Members Only”

Playwright Oliver Mayer’s latest drama, “Members Only” delivers groundbreaking queer experience at LATC. By Jorge Paniagua When playwright Oliver Mayer’s best-known play, “Blade to the...

What L.A. is doing for National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day

The LGBTQ+ Latinx community is at higher risk for HIV than the rest of the Latinx community, and the Latino Commission on AIDS is...

A Look at the first AIDS Unit in WeHo in Honor of LGBT History...

A documentary tells the stories and experiences of those on the ground floor of the AIDS Unit at Cedars Sinai Hospital in the '90s.  By Elijah...

CALENDAR DAY – National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: Important Sexual Health for LGBTQ+...

The AIDS Institute wants you to know that age is not a condom. Tuesday, Sept. 18 is the 10th anniversary of National HIV/AIDS and...

This is Big: Israel Will Lift Ban on Queer Blood Donation

Everyone will now be able to donate blood without an abstinence period

For World AIDS Day, L.A. Looks to an HIV-Free Future

In L.A., World AIDS Day invokes the complicated, tragic past of AIDS awareness history through events, talks, and community-oriented thinking.

New Crop of HIV/AIDS Scientists Awarded Krim Fellowship

The three Krim fellows will each be awarded $150,000 over two years.

WeHo Releases HIV Stigma Survey

West Hollywood’s HIV Zero campaign seeks to make the city a zero transmissions zone.

When It Comes to Gay Sex, Condoms are Trending Downward

PrEP vs. Condoms...who will win?