Transgender Bathroom Complaints Flushed

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos does away with Obama’s pre-existing protections.

Southern Grocery Chain Denies PrEP to Employees

Publix pharmacies have been finding ways to deny clients access to PrEP.

In Trump’s America, the Hippocratic Oath Comes Under Threat

As the Trump Administration commits to giving healthcare workers a legal way to opt out of performing services for women and LGBTQ+ patients, the line between conscience and prejudice gets blurred.

Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation donates $25k to L.A. LGBT Center

The donation, in partnership with Macy’s, will go toward providing new services for Transgender patients.

This is Big: Israel Will Lift Ban on Queer Blood Donation

Everyone will now be able to donate blood without an abstinence period

Same-Day STD Test Results are About to Be a Thing

The AHS Wellness Centers are about to start offering same-day STD testing and results

For World AIDS Day, L.A. Looks to an HIV-Free Future

In L.A., World AIDS Day invokes the complicated, tragic past of AIDS awareness history through events, talks, and community-oriented thinking.

For the First Time Ever, the Speculum is Getting Remodeled

The age-old instrument is finally transitioning into the modern era.

Make Way for Cannasexuality

L.A. creators are using weed to reduce menstrual cramps.

How Opioids Could Create the Next HIV/AIDS Crisis

In light of Trump’s public health emergency declaration, gay communities in Los Angeles are finding ways to fight back against the opioid crisis.

Opinion: The Healthy Youth Act is Still Revolutionizing Schools

2016’s most progressive health act is helping California’s queer teens stay informed about sex.

Does Weed Save Lives?

One gay man certainly thinks so

New Crop of HIV/AIDS Scientists Awarded Krim Fellowship

The three Krim fellows will each be awarded $150,000 over two years.

WeHo Releases HIV Stigma Survey

West Hollywood’s HIV Zero campaign seeks to make the city a zero transmissions zone.

Autism Speaks Fashion Gala to Benefit Southern California Chapter

In the LGBTQ+ community, autistic individuals still struggle to be seen and heard.