Long Beach LGBTQ+ Novelty Shop “Hot Stuff” Up in Flames Friday Night

After 45 Long Beach firefighters battled a blazing fire almost an hour and a half, local LGBTQ+ novelty shop Hot Stuff was left blackened...

COLUMN: Facing the Racism, Prejudices of Gay Dating Apps

By Elijah Root Sanchez The dating pool is getting a little Kindr. Grindr is launching a “Kindr” campaign in attempts to combat its not so...

LGBT HISTORY MONTH: Los Angeles’ First Porn Theatre Getting Renovated

Often titled the oldest stage venue in Los Angeles, Theatre Merced has a long standing, titillating history in the LGBTQ+ community. In January 1971,...

BREAKING: India Decriminalizes Homosexuality

India just took a step forward in the right to choose who you love. On Wednesday, Sept. 5, India’s Supreme Court ruled to abolish...

LGBTQ+ Rights Activists and Supporters Appalled by Caning of Two Malaysian Women on Monday

Amnesty International described the Monday public caning of two women convicted of attempting lesbian sex in a car as “an appalling day” for human...

Yes, Wine Condoms are Real

And you MAY need to try them to believe them.

Sun, Celebrity and STIs

A new CA survey shows STIs on the rise.

Swiping Social

Wingman helps LGBTQ+ singles find better matches...with a little help from our friends.

Get Ready for “Slutever: The Show”

Are you ready for the big O?

Newsflash: L.A. is One of America’s Kinkiest Cities

Right after New York.