Los Angeles LGBT Center’s New Campus

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Anita May Rosenstein campus in West Hollywood on...

For the First Time Ever, the Speculum is Getting Remodeled

The age-old instrument is finally transitioning into the modern era.

Make Way for Cannasexuality

L.A. creators are using weed to reduce menstrual cramps.

This Teen Developed a Bra for Early Breast Cancer Detection

Mexican teen Julian Rios Cantu has developed technology that can alert users to signs of breast cancer even before a mammogram.

Fran Drescher Presents Third Annual “Cancer Schmancer” Health Summit

Though Fran Drescher’s iconic performance as Fran Fine found her in a caretaking position (in practice, most of what she did to heal the...

Women’s March in Los Angeles on Saturday

BY KAREN OCAMB |  The day after one of the darkest inaugural addresses in American history, women and their allies will rally in Washington DC...