Make Way for Cannasexuality

Photo: Cycles + Sex Instagram. Ashley Spivak, founder of Cycles + Sex, recently held an event in L.A. to “highlight the interconnectedness of our sexual, menstrual, hormonal and reproductive health.”

Like so many injustices that have congenitally befallen women, there are often times when sex can be a source of pain rather than ecstasy. Enter your new best friend: cannabis oil spray. Much in the same way that marijuana has been being used to help ameliorate cramps during your period via weed suppositories, cannabis oil heightens and enhances a, shall we say, orificial laid-backness.

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As expert on the subject Ashley Manta, a frequent marijuana-sex combiner and commentator on various panels regarding the subject, has noted, women facing lack of gratification with regard to intercourse are usually up against three factors that cannabis oil is ideal for uninhibiting: psychological barriers (e.g. self-consciousness about the body,) general lack of feeling that weed can help tap into or straightforward bodily pain (whether from age, a longstanding injury, etc.) Taking a cue from Manta’s philosophy, L.A.-based company FORIA has created a weed-based lube that soothes cramps and makes sex more enjoyable all in one go.

The merging of the sex and cannabis industries has only grown over the past few years, with both sides aware of the mutually beneficial business they can do together. For instance, Ashley Spivak, founder of Cycles + Sex, recently selected L.A. as her latest stop for an enlightening gathering to, as the company was created to do, “highlight the interconnectedness of our sexual, menstrual, hormonal and reproductive health.”

One of the reasons, Spivak set her sights on Los Angeles is a result of it being one of the most accepting milieus of marijuana for multi-purpose use. A part of the larger conversation about female wellness in relation to sexuality and pleasurable experience, the streamlining of companies specializing in products like cannabis oil or kegel balls is a natural symbiotic progression.

While studies on the subject are still somewhat raw, especially since it doesn’t yet account for demographics in the LGBTQ+ community who don’t use cannabis, what science has revealed so far only corroborates women like Manta and Spivak’s enthusiasm for the product. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, data has shown that women and men who incorporate weed into their “routine” tend to have sex more often. And maybe LGBTQ+ individuals aren’t usually much for emulating anything straight people do, but this is one example in which they probably should. Pleasure transcends the boundaries of gender and orientation, after all.

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