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Author: Annette Semerdjian

L.A. Cannabis Culture Finds Its Queen

March 28, 2018

March 28, 2018 2

Lizzy Jeff’s series Zen and Kush combines spirituality and cannabis culture.

West Hollywood’s Beloved “Block Party” Here to Stay

March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018 87

Larry Block’s “The Block Party” will remain open.

ClexaCon 2018 Will Promote LGBTQ+ Women’s Rights

February 28, 2018

February 28, 2018 30

The 2018 convention takes place April 5-9 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

Chelsea Manning Prepares for Potential Senate Run

January 30, 2018

January 30, 2018 62

“We need to stop expecting that out systems will somehow fix themselves.”

GALAS Has Been Creating Community for 20 Years

January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018 41

Since 1998, L.A.’s queer Armenian community has found a home at the West Hollywood community center.

Trans United Fund is America’s First Transgender PAC

January 18, 2018

January 18, 2018 54

Trans United Fund is working to get more Transgender candidates on 2018 ballots.

For L.A.’s LGBTQ+ Seniors, the Future Looks Bright

December 21, 2017

December 21, 2017 54

With a budget of $4.9 million just approved for the L.A. LGBT Center’s Anita May Rosenstein Campus, affordable housing for seniors is just around the corner.

After Years as a Queer Los Feliz Landmark, Steve Allen Theater Shuts Its Doors

November 19, 2017

November 19, 2017 1,964

Canadian cult comedy group “Kids in the Hall” performed a 2008 ‘secret’ show at the soon-to-close Steve Allen Theater.