Letter From the Editor: Being Our Best and Doing Our Best

This year, much like last year, has been politically tough. Despite our best efforts to turn the country back into something we recognize, we wake up almost every day to disturbing political news, school shootings, and loss of civil rights. The anti-trans and LGBTQ+ laws that have passed this year represent a devastating challenge to queer Americans living in the midwest who are just trying to get up out of bed and live their lives each day. Our theme for last year’s L.A. Pride issue was “Hope on the Horizon.” This year, our second Pride celebration with Trump in office, we encourage readers to keep hope alive by being, and doing, their best each day. Whether that means getting to the polls, picketing, taking care of others, or taking care of yourself, do your best to survive and thrive in this deeply unfair and painful moment in time. In this issue, you’ll read about the comeback of a legendary queer director, a writer who’s creating LGBTQ+-centric coming-of-age novels for kids, an iconic singer responsible for one of the most enduring gay anthems, and a ton of creators and workers who are doing their best and being their best even in the worst of times. Let it be an inspiration to you. We certainly hope it will.