Golden Girls Team to Produce “Silver Foxes”

Imagine if the people who brought you “Joanne the Scammer” teamed up with the people who brought you the feisty foursome of Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia to bring you something even sassier?

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You might think that such a thing couldn’t be imagined, but you’d be wrong. With a star-studded cast attached to last year’s table read, featuring George Takei, Leslie Jordan, and Bruce Vilanch (among others,) “Silver Foxes” promises to attract a host of big-name stars in no time.

Produced by Super Deluxe, the studio responsible for the cult hit “Joanne the Scammer,” as well as last year’s documentary “Bayard and Me,” about the gay activist Bayard Rustin, “Silver Foxes” is being scripted by Stan Zimmerman and James Berg, the team behind not just “The Golden Girls” but “Gilmore Girls” as well.

What we know of the plot, so far, is that it revolves around “two older gay men and one twink” who rescue a friend from a life of neglect in a homophobic nursing home and bring him out to Palm Springs where the foursome becomes a totally queer chosen family.

Zimmerman and Berg site their inspiration as coming from the documentary “Gen Silent,” a 2011 film that explored the problems of LGBTQ+ seniors stuck in intolerant nursing homes and neglected by family. The series will be produced as a single-camera comedy in half-hour segments. In addition to “Silver Foxes,” Super Deluxe is taking on a television adaptation of 1985’s queer classic “My Beautiful Laundrette” with “The Big Sick’s” Kumail Nanjiani attached to co-write and co-star. Their Sundance Now production “This Close,” about deaf, queer characters navigating L.A., won them critical praise earlier this year. A queer favorite among streaming platforms ever since the start of “Joanne the Scammer,” Super Deluxe seems to be making a bigger play for recognition among LGBTQ+ audiences with its newer projects.

We don’t have any streaming or air dates set for “Silver Foxes” yet, but you can be sure that we’ll be obsessively refreshing our browsers for news in the next few months.

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