Palm Springs is Ready for Pride! Are You?

Photo: Courtesy Greater Palm Springs Pride.

What better way to end LGBT History Month than with a Pride Festival for the books.

That’s right, it is finally time for the highly anticipated Greater Palm Springs Pride! Taking place several months after most Pride celebrations around the United States, this LGBTQ+ event taking place this weekend is certainly not an event to forget.

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This year’s theme is “Youth Power for Change,” drawing from the inspiring youth-led movement building efforts during critical times. The next generation is awakening critical conversations in society and politics, and Palm Springs Pride is ready to celebrate that.

“Empowered youth are at the forefront of building a national movement that can shape public policy for generations,” a press release stated. “While we believe youth who are empowered will change the world, we are reminded that youth have historically been on the frontlines of social change…”

Two youth, Gina Villalobos and A’res Rey Flores have been designated Grand Marshal representatives and will lead the youth contingent in the Pride parade.

“It’s inspiring to see the number of teens and tweens who are standing up and saying ‘enough!’ to intolerance, discrimination and gun violence,” Greater Palm Springs Pride President Ron deHarte said in a press release. “After all, Pride is, and always has been, a show of resistance. Resistance to discrimination, resistance to hatred. Resistance to fear, to violence. As we honor those who have courageously fought for equality and are no longer with us, we welcome the support and strength of the next generations.”

Inspired by youth-led movement-building efforts that are awakening critical conversations for social change, this year’s lineup will host a diverse group of young and eclectic artists including dancers, singers, musicians, activists, comedians and DJs.

The free two-day festival features Madame Gandhi, a Los Angeles-based electronic music artist and activist who produces music that “elevates and celebrates the female voice.” On Saturday, Subliminal Radio takes the stage with the 1-year anniversary of “Holly’s House” featuring Holly Adams of KCRW, followed by local DJs Glitter & Sand, and L.A.-based DJ Gage Hanks.

Greater Palm Springs Pride will take place in Downtown Palm Springs from now through Sunday, Nov. 4. For more information about Greater Palm Springs Pride, visit