The Most Anticipated Films Out of the HUMP! Festival

Dan Savage’s short-form porn fest celebrates its 14th year.

Everyone has their own special relationship to porn. Some adore it. Some love it, but hate themselves for watching it. Others think it’s awful. Dan Savage, who most of us know as the most visible sex and love expert speaking on queer themes, can’t get enough.

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Or at least, he wants us to know that whatever your thing is, you should rejoice in the fact that statistically speaking, you’re probably not alone in your freakiness. This year, as the HUMP! Film Festival – a celebration of short, less-than-five-minute films with porn as a common theme. The makers of the films are often amateurs, and kink of all kinds is welcome as the subject. This year, the first that HUMP! makes its way to Palm Springs as well as Los Angeles, we’re looking forward to a few extra-promising selections that sound just weird enough to work. At least, for five minutes at a time.


1. Extreme Wild Fuck…

Plot: The story of a man, his “petite GF,” and a mountain that must be climbed, no matter what.

Festival Winner: Best Sex

Best For: Those who like their porn with a bit of adventure splashed in.


2. Optic Perve

Plot: This Peeping Tom-themed thriller is like a sexy Magic Eye. We imagine.

Best For: The visually inclined.


3. Porn Yesterday

Plot: A meta-romp dealing with adults trying to hide their porn collections.

Festival Winner: Jury Award

Best For: Those who love a well-plotted porno.


4. Around the World in 80 Lays

Plot: What do you get for the couple that’s had sex in every continent? More sex, of course!

Festival Winner: Best in Show

Best For: People who get turned on by travel.


5. Whatever Floats Your Goat

Plot: It’s not what you think. But it’s not far off.

Festival Winner: Runner Up, Best Humor

Best For: Anyone who loved the Gene Wilder plotline in “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex*”


6. The Wheel of Fortune

Plot: Strangers enjoy their turn on a medieval torture device.

Festival Winner: Runner Up, Best Kink

Best For: The creatively inclined.


7. Please

Plot: Proof that consent is the hottest kink of all.

Festival Winner: Runner Up, Best Sex

Best For: Social Justice Warriors everywhere.


The HUMP! Film Festival will be in L.A. from March 7 – 9. For more information, visit the HUMP! website HERE