Elvira x Pinup Girl is the Halloween Fashion Collab We’ve Been Waiting For


If you’ve ever taken an October stroll through Burbank’s West Magnolia Boulevard, you’ll already know that it’s a hidden paradise. For those of us who are camp- and macabre-inclined, the options for ducking into a cute vintage store, weird museum, or straight-up curiosity cabinet are abundant.

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You’ll also find Pinup Girl Clothing, one of the best places to shop for newer, vintage-inspired classics and lingerie. And, as of now, you’ll be able to shop for pieces designed by Elvira.

That’s right. Fucking Elvira. As in the Mistress of the Dark. As in Movie Macabre. Yes, that Elvira. She just collaborated with Pinup Girl for some jewelry and goth-infused fashion. Elvira (also known as Cassandra Peterson) is currently preparing for her Halloween show at Knott’s Berry Farm. If you consider yourself a true ’80s kid–or a budding Morticia/Siouxie Sioux type–be sure to stop by while supplies last.

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