You Don’t Want to Miss John Edmonds’ Solo Show at Ltd Los Angeles

If the triumph of Moonlight taught us anything, it’s that our culture might finally be ready to face up to the complexities of Black queer sexuality. It’s about time, too. Black queer writers, filmmakers and photographers have been responsible for some of the most moving and beautiful works in our country’s history (Looking for Langston, anyone?) and photographer John Edmonds is no exception. The 27-year old artist has been chronicling Black queerness for years, taking tips from Robert Mapplethorpe and Caspar David Friedrich. Edmonds’ solo show Higher will premiere at Ltd Los Angeles on April 29th and show through June 3rd. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

Untitled (Du-Rag 2) Left: Untitled (Du-Rag 3), John Edmonds (2017)
Man in Polyester… (Fragmented), John Edmonds (2016
Marcus with the Sacred Heart, John Edmonds (2012)

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