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First Rainbow Crosswalk to Be Unveiled at Roosterfish Friday

The streets of Los Angeles are about to get a little bit gayer. Well, one street in particular.

Therapy and Growth in Art

An LGBT figure artist well known over the past 20 years for his whimsical and erotic depictions of young boys searching for...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Defending the Rainbow Flag Creator

In response to a "Letter to the Editor" regarding the true identity for the historic rainbow flag creator

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: False Claims of Rainbow Flag Creator

One year after his death, Lynn Segerblom began a public campaign to rewrite history. In her statements to the media and public, she has identified herself as the sole creator of the Rainbow Flag, or sometimes as the co-creator. Her narrative continues to change. Lynn is now using her erroneous claims to solicit money for a documentary and a book.

California Legislation to Prohibit Unnecessary Genital Surgery on Intersex Babies

Legal rights for intersex individuals (people born with variations in their sex characteristics, including genitalia) took a large step forward this week, thanks to...

40 Years After Harvey Milk’s Death: Where Are We Now?

About 41 years ago, first openly gay elected official Harvey Milk made history after winning a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,...

COLUMN: Living in the Safest LGBTQ+ City in the United States

By Elijah Root-Sanchez Waking up and watching the news each morning can be exhausting. There is a constant battle  for federal rights and social acceptance...

Should California’s Last Call Be at 4 a.m.?

UPDATE By Tor Marom  The nightlife in Los Angeles may be on the verge of stretching a bit further. Senate Bill 905, introduced by State Senator...