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DEAR AIDAN: Disclosing HIV Positive Status?

Dear Aidan: I am HIV Positive and am jumping into the dating world. I know that there is a...

Therapy and Growth in Art

An LGBT figure artist well known over the past 20 years for his whimsical and erotic depictions of young boys searching for...

CA Legislature to Make PrEP More Accessible

HIV preventative medication could become more easily accessible thanks to Senate Bill 159 –  a piece of legislature that authorize pharmacists to...

TOP TEN: Best LGBTQ+ Events Near You Aug. 10 – 23

1. Mental Health Services Open House When: Sat.,  August 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach What:  Have you been...

Southern Grocery Chain Denies PrEP to Employees

Publix pharmacies have been finding ways to deny clients access to PrEP.

When It Comes to Gay Sex, Condoms are Trending Downward

PrEP vs. Condoms...who will win?

Charles R. Drew University and OASIS Clinic Host PrEP Summit in...

Charles R. Drew University’s OASIS clinic hosted a summit this weekend to discuss the future of the drug

PlushCare App Brings PrEP to the Masses

For a game-changing treatment, you'd be surprised how few doctors prescribe PrEP

“I’m Fine” is a Slice of West Hollywood Gay Life

Get ready for your new favorite web series

People are Still Freaking Over West Hollywood’s “F*ck Without Fear” Campaign

Have our delicate sensibilities gone too far?