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Can Kevin Hart Change? Why This Comedian Won’t Apologize for Past...

After weeks of controversy, Kevin Hart gets a defender. We’ve lived through this kind of thing before. A public hero makes a misstep, or...

LGBT Memorial Defaced in Paris in the midst of the 10th...

Just three days into Gay Games 2018, and homophobia is creeping into the streets of Paris once again. Anonymous vandals defaced a plaque that honored...

Following Brutal Murder, Legislation Would Expand Hate Crime Definition

Blaze Bernstein’s brutal murder has caused officials to rethink the way they deal with LGBTQ+-motivated violence.

In Alabama, Asking Your Gay Girlfriend to Prom is a Punishable...

Let teenage love LIVE, dammit!

The “Alliance Defending Freedom” Calls for Trans Sterilization, Discrimination

The ADF has put its weight behind some of the most nefarious anti-gay causes including the Masterpiece Cakeshop trial.

Classmates Attack Fresno Teen Lesbian During Fire Drill

In Fresno, CA, a teen was targeted for her sexuality.

The Dirty Tactics Used Against a Proposed Hollywood Hotel

Are the protestors really against homophobia, or is it all a front?

Escape From Russia

In a new book, one woman tells the true story of her daring leavetaking of Russia’s homophobic regime

Trump Appointee Tries Hiding Homophobic, Sexist Trail

Charmaine Yoest is no ally