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GAY L.A.: In 1952, Gay and Latinx Angelenos Fought Back

When the police came for marginalized groups in the 1950s, a near-alliance was formed between two of L.A.’s most beleaguered (and intersecting) groups. The...

GAY L.A. –Crossdressing Tales of the “Ambisextrous” Julian Eltinge

A closer look at L.A.’s OG drag queen. Once upon a time, in a place that bears a faint resemblance to the Los Angeles we...

GAY L.A. – In 1958, Gay Rights Won For the First...

When the Supreme Court sided with a gay magazine, history was made. Before the 1950s, America didn’t have any gay publications. While there may have...

GAY L.A. – How Lesbian Filmmaker Dorothy Arzner Transformed Filmmaking

During a time when filmmaking was all about grit, the all-but-out Arzner rose to the top. Early Hollywood was full of ambitious women intent...

GAY LA: Of Long Beach Raids and Address Books

In the 1960s in L.A., queer life was all about small acts of rebellion. You might know Long Beach as a new queer enclave, populated...

The Category Is… L.A. Realness

“Pose” may have brought New York’s legendary ball scene to life. For LGBTQ+ Angelenos, vogue balls are just as vibrant a part of L.A....

Making the Yuletide Gay

Celebrating the Holidays among chosen family is a time-honored tradition for L.A.’s LGBTQ+ community.

L.A.-Based Web Series “Falling for Angels” is Just What We Needed

Pull up a tub of popcorn-- let's get into this thing!

What Did Edmund White Think of Gay L.A. in the ‘70s?

In White’s “States of Desire,” Los Angeles comes off as a town full of sexual activity; May – December romances, and perfect bodies.

`In 1967, Jean Genet’s “Un Chant D’Amour” Was Taboo Everywhere But...

This essay is part of a series on Queer underground cinema in the '60s.