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Second Person with HIV Potentially Cured

What was once essentially a death sentence, now has hope for a cure. A second person has been confirmed HIV-free earlier this week after...

Fighting HIV in the Latino Community of Los Angeles

The Latino community of Los Angeles makes up nearly half of new HIV diagnoses. To spread awareness and honor Dia de Los Muertos, AltaMed...

What L.A. is doing for National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day

The LGBTQ+ Latinx community is at higher risk for HIV than the rest of the Latinx community, and the Latino Commission on AIDS is...

CALENDAR DAY – National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day: Important Sexual...

The AIDS Institute wants you to know that age is not a condom. Tuesday, Sept. 18 is the 10th anniversary of National HIV/AIDS and...

WeHo Releases HIV Stigma Survey

West Hollywood’s HIV Zero campaign seeks to make the city a zero transmissions zone.

Charles R. Drew University and OASIS Clinic Host PrEP Summit in...

Charles R. Drew University’s OASIS clinic hosted a summit this weekend to discuss the future of the drug

PlushCare App Brings PrEP to the Masses

For a game-changing treatment, you'd be surprised how few doctors prescribe PrEP

2 Chainz’ Trap House Brings Free HIV Testing to Atlanta

The philanthropic rapper is opening doors.

Want to Be An HIV Advocate? There’s a Cookbook for That

It's a recipe for global change

People are Still Freaking Over West Hollywood’s “F*ck Without Fear” Campaign

Have our delicate sensibilities gone too far?