Dyke Day L.A. is for All Queers

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You hear the word “Dyke” and automatically assume this is not an event for you. Wrong. Dyke Day L.A. simply pays homage to the Dyke Marches that paved the way for LGBTQ+ rights. As a mater of fact, the creators of Dyke Day want everyone to feel welcomed at the event, whether you identify as a womxn or not. If you’re LGBTQ+ and part of the Los Angeles community, this day is for you!  The Pride L.A. spoke with Sparrow Fox the president of Dyke Day LA about the origin of Dyke Day L.A. for those who are curious: 

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In one sentence, what is Dyke Day L.A.?

Dyke Day is a free, all ages, inclusive day in the park for LA’s diverse LGBTQ+ community.

What does “dyke” mean to you/the organization? 

Dyke Day was founded 11 years ago and the name was intended to pay homage to the history of Dyke marches and creating visibility for gay women in the community.  That said, we have also always been a very queer-centered event and as time goes on we continue to be in conversation about our name and if it honors the importance we place on being inclusive to underrepresented members of our community who are cut out of mainstream pride events – families, people under the age of 21, seniors, non-binary and trans folx.

What do you say to folks interested in attending but worst hat they are not “dykes,” or won’t fit in? 

Dyke Day’s main commitment is to create a space that is inclusive, intergenerational and that helps unify our diverse dyke, trans, non-binary, queer community and it allies.  Our programming spans sports, kids, kink, dancing, puppies or just kicking in the park under a shade tree.  Although we can’t guarantee everyone will love it, if you show up with an open heart and a good attitude you should find your place.

What is the origin story of Dyke Day LA? Why begin such an event? 

There were few, if any, all ages, free Pride events when we started Dyke Day LA.  There also were not a lot of events outside of West Hollywood.  Dyke Day was about filling a real need for diversity in Pride programming in LA and offering an alternative to events that centered corporate sponsors and alcohol.  

Can you tell me a little bit about achieving non-profit status? Was that always a goal? 

We always hoped to grow into a non-profit and expand our community offerings.  It was a big achievement and one that we thought, at 10 years, really honored the history of the event and ensures the sustainability of the event itself and the growth of Dyke Day’s efforts moving forward!

Why is it important to have Dyke Day for the LGBTQ+ community of Los Angeles?

Dyke Day is important because we offer an alternative to other Pride events for anyone who doesn’t resonate with celebrating their Pride at a bar or paying to attend a Pride festivity or wants to have their kids (or puppies) with them!

What can attendees expect this year? Anything new/exciting?

We have increased our programming this year to give attendees more opportunities to engage with fun activities!  Follow us on social @dykedayla for updates on all of the great programming we have scheduled.  As the event has grown, we’ve also identified the need to update the layout of the space to better manage the crowds and maintain the relaxed “day in the park” feel.

Does Dyke Day L.A. have a presence at LA Pride? 

Our board members support and attend a number of LA Pride events and you can find us at the West Hollywood Dyke March on Friday night this year.  As a very small volunteer-run organization, our only official Pride presence as Dyke Day is at the park.

What does Pride mean to you? 

For Dyke Day, Pride is about celebrating while honoring the work that the generations before us and many today still put in to ensure our rights, our visibility, our humanity, and our privilege to come together as a community and celebrate!

Dyke Day LA 2019 will happen Saturday, June 8 from 12–6 p.m. at Montecillo De Leo Politi Park/ Elysian Park. For more information, visit the website HERE or check out the Facebook Page.