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LA Pride Fuels The Female Force Within

FEM(ME) eventkicks off LA Pride by celebrating LGBTQ+ women and raising awareness of collective struggle. By Jorge...

Dyke Day L.A. is for All Queers

You hear the word “Dyke” and automatically assume this is not an event for you. Wrong. Dyke Day L.A. simply pays homage...

GAY LA: Their Name Still Spells “Lesbian”

When SCWU, or Southern California Women for Understanding, started up in 1976, it quickly became the largest lesbian society in Los Angeles,...

GAY LA: When Lesbian Visibility Was an L.A. Specialty

In 2017, West Hollywood’s Plummer Park hosted an exhibit titled Lesbians to Watch Out For: ’90s Queer L.A. Activism.

Top 5 LGBTQ+ Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Love is in the air, panic is in our hearts. How the hell is it Valentine’s Day already? Wasn’t it just New Years Eve?...