Yes, Wine Condoms are Real

Since being featured by Buzzfeed as one of 23 must-haves for wine lovers, the Wine Condom has been blowing up. And can you blame it? This product, made by a mother and son team (um…ok) is exactly what it sounds like: a condom that tastes like wine. Wait, nope! It’s exactly what it doesn’t sound like: A cover that keeps wine fresh and happens to look like a condom. Oh well. It still begs the question: Who’s going to invent an actual wine-flavored Johnny? And where will that leave the rest of us? What about the classless masses who prefer beer, whiskey, and harder fare? Shark Tank is calling.

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In the meantime, please enjoy the ridiculousness that is the Wine Condom. But remember to enjoy responsibly. We’re looking at you, WeHo.