Silver Lake Makes Way for (More) Thai Street Food

BY ANNETTE SEMERDJIAN| Let’s face it: there can never be enough Thai food in L.A., and the news of Isaan Classic opening in Silver Lake is a testament to that fact. The new restaurant, which will take over what used to be Vegan House, plans to open within the next couple of weeks. It will be located next to the cult favorite “Happy Foot/Sad Foot” sign for a foot clinic under a Comfort Inn on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Benton Way.

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The owners of the new place are calling their cuisine “old-school, homemade, Thai street food,” according to LA Weekly. Silver Lake does have quite a variety of Asian foods, something it has in common with most of L.A.’s Eastside. Isaan Classic will add to the neighborhood’s already-vibrant selection of Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Same Same, Night + Market Song and Dee Yaw Myanmar – all on the same street as the upcoming Isaan Classic. Another popular restaurant that serves cuisines from the Isaan region is all the way in Koreatown called Isaan Station. LA Weekly also states, “Isaan Classic’s menu has not been finalized, but there’s a lot of chicken and fish, rice with everything, and an abundance of chilies and herbs.”

Silver Lake’s growing southeast cuisines gives the Hollywood and Los Feliz area a run for their money. Some of the best Thai food is located in the heart of Hollywood and Los Feliz area. Places like Tub Tim Siam on Hillhurst Avenue are local favorites.  Although places like Thai Town and Chinatown exist, the locals often know that the best cuisine is usually outside of those commercialized areas. The emergence of Southeast Asian foods in Silver Lake could make it the go-to, much like the San Gabriel Valley is the go-to for authentic Chinese food in L.A.

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