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10 of the Best Trans Resources in L.A. County

With the recent news that the Trump administration plans to define us out of existence, compiled with the revelation of the Pittsburgh shooter’s homophobic, transphobic views, it’s been a tough week for trans folks.

Not to mention the looming election coming up this week. If you’re feeling stressed, depressed, hopeless, or any mix of these emotions, it’s understandable that you might need someone to talk to, or even just a bit of extra support to get you through the week. Luckily, L.A. is one of the best places to be if you’re trans and looking for a lifeline, a resource, or a friendly ear. Without further adieu, here are some of the best resources around town for trans and non-binary folks.



1. The L.A. LGBT Center

Outreach: 323-993-7400

Location: Hollywood/West Hollywood

Resources: Sliding-scale therapy, psychiatry, medical exams, prescriptions, group counseling, community activities, support groups, HIV/STD testing.  

Notes: The big daddy of them all. You may have to wait for an intake appointment but be persistent and patient: The doctor will eventually see you.


2. LifeWorks

Outreach: (323) 860-7373

Location: West Hollywood

Resources: Youth-oriented development and mentoring, workshops, activities, support groups.

Notes: If you’re between the ages of 18 – 24 and are going through it, this one’s for you.


3. FTM Alliance of Los Angeles

Outreach: www.ftmalliance.org

Location: Online, with volunteer and meetup groups through L.A.

Resources: Chatting, support groups, volunteer opportunities, links to therapists, links to the Transgender Law Center.

Notes: For FTM or masc-of-center folks, this is mainly a meetup and chat board where you can link to IRL activities.


4. Trans Health

Outreach: (562) 434-4455

Location: Long Beach

Resources: Support groups, HIV/STI screening, HIV support services, help with name changes and legal documents, mental health services, links to therapy and affordable health care.

Notes: While it might seem like a schlep, the Long Beach trans health center has everything, from STI screenings to legal help to mental health support.


5. Trans* Lounge

Outreach: [email protected]

Location:  Multiple locations, Hollywood/West Hollywood

Resources: Classes, education programs, support groups, fitness classes, self-defense, community talks, social activities.

Notes: If you’re interested in sitting in one some next-level talks and communing with trans individuals eager to make a difference, you’ll be welcome at the Trans* Lounge.


6. Gender Wellness of Los Angeles

Outreach: 310-478-0411

Location: Sawtelle/ West L.A.

Resources: Counseling, therapy, health services, support.

Notes: For individuals seeking therapy and counseling, this is a good place to start your search.

7. Los Angeles Gender Center

Outreach: 310-475-8880

Location: Westwood.

Resources: Counseling, family therapy, group therapy, continued education.

Notes: Whether you want to sit in on a group therapy meeting or bring in the whole family, you’ll be most likely able to do it with or without insurance.

8. Southern California Transgender Counseling

Outreach: 310-281-9658

Location: Multiple locations.

Resources: Counseling, sliding-scale therapy.

Notes: If you need therapy but are having insurance trouble, this is a good place to try.


9. Transforming Family

Outreach: [email protected]

Location: Multiple locations.

Resources: Support groups, family counseling, bilingual counseling.

Note: Bilingual support is a huge plus here.


10. Gender Justice L.A.

Outreach: 323- 300-8599

Location: Wilshire.

Resources: Groups, community resources, social justice resources, meet-ups.

Note: For those who are more social justice oriented, this is a good group to click up with.

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