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COLUMN: It Takes More than a Rainbow

Though the LGBTQ+ community is making progress in human rights across the country, 47 percent of LGBTQ respondents in a new Glassdoor...

LA Receives First Rainbow Crosswalk on 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Riot

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot, Los Angeles received its first rainbow crosswalk.  The City of LA...

First Rainbow Crosswalk to Be Unveiled at Roosterfish Friday

The streets of Los Angeles are about to get a little bit gayer. Well, one street in particular.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another Defense for Rainbow Flag Creator

A second response to a “Letter to the Editor” regarding the true identity for the historic rainbow flag creator

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Defending the Rainbow Flag Creator

In response to a "Letter to the Editor" regarding the true identity for the historic rainbow flag creator

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: False Claims of Rainbow Flag Creator

One year after his death, Lynn Segerblom began a public campaign to rewrite history. In her statements to the media and public, she has identified herself as the sole creator of the Rainbow Flag, or sometimes as the co-creator. Her narrative continues to change. Lynn is now using her erroneous claims to solicit money for a documentary and a book.

Flagging Your Page in History

The history behind the woman who made the rainbow flag. By Jorge Paniagua Lynn Segerblom wants to share her story – one that provides a different...

COLUMN: Why the “Rainbow Wave” at the 2018 Midterm Election Matters...

By Elijah Root Sanchez The 2018 midterm election has been considered the most diverse election in terms of candidates and elected officials in America’s history....

A Breakdown of What all the LGBTQ+ Midterm Election Victories Mean

The Blue Wave that swept through the U.S. House certainly had a rainbow tinge to it, and the victories didn’t stop there. A record-breaking...