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LGBTQ+ Community Keeps Watch on 2020 Democratic Candidates

A condensed look at who’s running, who’s likely to run and how their foregoing LGBTQ+ advocacy ranks. By Jorge Paniagua With the 2019 State of the...

Possible Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation Representation in the 2030 U.S....

Gender identity and sexual orientation questions may be on the 2030 U.S. census. Democratic senators, including Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), introduced the Census Equality Act...

For Pride, Senator Kamala Harris Calls for a “Coalition”

For all his bloviating on subjects from the media to “covfefe,” Pride month went by without even a canned statement from President Donald Trump. But another Washington newcomer, California Senator Kamala Harris, has filled the silence left by the commander and chief with a video recalling her efforts to fight for marriage equality and offering the LGBTQ community her full support.