COLUMN: Gay L.A. – Decades Later, Matthew Shepard Lives On in the Heart of...

The hate crime that got the world talking about tragic queer lives and deaths turns 20 this year. The late ‘90s were not quite...

From “Sociopathic” to “Sexual Deviation,” Dr. Hooker Fought for the L.A. LGBTQ+ Community

One of the larger, uphill battles for the LGBTQ+ community has been fighting the classification of “criminal” or “crazy.” One woman on the forefront...

BREAKING: India Decriminalizes Homosexuality

India just took a step forward in the right to choose who you love. On Wednesday, Sept. 5, India’s Supreme Court ruled to abolish...

LGBTQ+ Rights Activists and Supporters Appalled by Caning of Two Malaysian Women on Monday

Amnesty International described the Monday public caning of two women convicted of attempting lesbian sex in a car as “an appalling day” for human...

Gay Porn performer brutally attacked by straight men in WeHo over the weekend Gay porn performer Wesley Woods posted a video on Twitter over the weekend announcing that he was gay bashed in West Hollywood.  In his video,...

Pulse Survivors Sue Police

Orlando Police are Accused of a Lack of Response to Shooting.

Gay L.A. Veteran Assaulted by Neighbors

Ryan Gierach, a former publisher of WeHo News, is dealing with homophobia in his own neighborhood.

WeHo Rapist Caught Red Handed

Fake rideshare driver arrested for attacking seven victims.

Suspect Arrested in UCLA Batteries

A 28-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of committing two sexual batteries in Westwood.

Following Brutal Murder, Legislation Would Expand Hate Crime Definition

Blaze Bernstein’s brutal murder has caused officials to rethink the way they deal with LGBTQ+-motivated violence.