LA County Moves to Keep Homeless Shelters Open Longer

2.5 million dollars will be allocated to keeping three homeless shelters in LA county open until November, a temporary solution to the long-standing problem of Los Angeles shelter closures after the winter.

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Two shelters in Bell and Long Beach will reopen shortly, offering over 240 beds and services for homeless citizens. Another shelter in Pomona, currently only open for 14 hours a day, will also operate at full capacity.

LA county made a larger commitment toward keeping its homeless population cared for earlier this year, when Measure H passed by a 66% majority. The measure outlined a .25% local sales tax to be built up over 10 years and used to fund homeless services and prevention. In the meantime, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) is committed to coming up with better solutions for the present.

The number of homeless men and women per night in Los Angeles country is estimated at 47,000.

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