19 Year Old Kyra Fox Responds to Orlando in Spoken-Word Video

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BY KAREN OCAMB  |  19 year old Kyra Fox wrote, edited and produced a spoken-word video entitled “Authentic Love” in response to the horrific shootings of 49 mostly young gay Latinos and the wounding of 43 others in the massacre in the Orlando, Florida gay nightclub Pulse early Sunday morning. In the transformation video, she says: “I am tired of having to prove that my love is authentic.”

Fox—who lives in Washington DC and studies at Howard University—posts on her Facebook page  that she hopes the video will make others “aware of what it is like to live in the LGBTQ community” and “help so that no more lives are lost to hate crimes!”

Fox says on her YouTube channel: “This video was made to remind all people that they can still live comfortably in their own skin, no matter how they look or who they choose to love. Too many lives were lost because we live in a Nation that fears what we don’t understand, hopefully this video helps more people understand, so that less lives are lost.” #PrayersForOrlando #BeCOMFbeU – Karen Ocamb

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