Top 5 LGBTQ+ Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Love is in the air, panic is in our hearts. How the hell is it Valentine’s Day already? Wasn’t it just New Years Eve? For those that feel the year is flying by without even so much as a wave, you’re not alone. If you find yourself underprepared for the most commercially romantic day of the year, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for Valentine’s Day dates. (We know, some of these aren’t on Valentine’s Day. But, hey – its on a Thursday this year, alright?)


1. Take Your Sweetheart to a Dace

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Ahh, just like junior high. But without the stinky gymnasium venue, sweaty palms and general adolescent uncomfortableness. The annual LifeWorks Mentoring Valentine’s Day Dance is a sweet option for you and your sweetheart this holiday. Complete with free food, crafts and DJ 2lips, this is a fun night out for partners and friends alike.

The Valentine’s Day Dance will take place at The Village at the Ed Gould Plaza in West Hollywood on Friday, February 15 from 5:30-8:30 p.m.


2. Share a Laugh, or Two

What says “I love you” more than laughing historically in a room full of strangers. Yup, pretty much nothing. That’s why Two Dykes and a Mic Valentine’s Day Comedy Show would make the perfect date night. Besides, what better way to feed into a Hallmark holiday than by supporting female comics and queer business owners? That’s right, pretty much no other way! The Valentine’s Special will feature the all-female line up of Beth Stelling, Mo Welch, Bri Giger and Liz Glazer.

Two Dykes and a Mic will be held at the Virgil in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 7:30–9:30 p.m.


3. Bake … er, We Mean *Make New Connections

Not only does the Pie Bar in Long Bech offer pie making classes, but now they’ve coupled their Valentine’s Day class with speed dating! What could be cuter than meeting your next significant other over spilt flour? How it works: During the first hour of the class, guests will learn how to make pie dough from scratch and each create their own full cherry or apple pie. 

Then, while the pies are baking, guests will be paired up and spend five minutes with each other talking.  After five minutes, guests will switch partners until all guests have met.  Free snacks and bottomless mimosas will be available along with wine, beer, kombucha, coffee and sodas available to purchase. At the end of the night, you get to go home with your very own pie and perhaps a date! Could it get any sweeter?

Pie Bar’s speed dating takes place on Thursday, Feb. 14 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. at the Pie Bar on Pine Street in Long Beach. Tickets are $55 each.


4. Bar Hop Down the Gay Ghetto of Long Beach

Maybe you don’t have a significant other this time around, or maybe you and you schnookums are not that mushy. So how about a Thirsty Thursday to remember … or forget? Either way, grab a comfy pair of shoes and hit the gay ghetto of Long Beach – a famous strip of gay bars down Broadway Avenue. From the Falcon, to the Mineshaft, to Sweet Water Saloon, the night is guaranteed to be an adventure with this date option.


5. Netflix and Chill

This last option is for all the homebodies, the shallow pockets and the “hey it’s a weeknight – give me a break”-ers. That’s right, find your sexiest sweatpants, a cuddly blanket and snacks of choice. With the movie marathon option, you have all the amenities of an expensive night at the movies all right in the comfort of your own home. Streaming services are getting hella ghey, too. With a wide variety of queer films, documentaries and TV shows, there’s certainly something to pique your and hubby’s interest. And if not… there’s always the “chill” part of Netflix and Chill. *Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.*