First L.A. Pride, Then – The Universe!

One of the few Latino entertainers to grace the LA Pride stages this year, Georgel is ready to celebrate and unite with the audience.

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Georgel has become a trailblazer in the fight for the rights of the gay community in the Latin music industry, after creating the awareness campaign #loveisone. The hashtag emerged from the song “Meteorito”, his anthem championing love without barriers, which became the first single in this new creative stage in the talented artist’s career. The Pride L.A. spoke with Georgel about his upcoming performance. Check it out: 

Tell me a little bit about yourself

I am a gay family man, who is fascinated by nature’s creative forces and expresses a lot of his inspiration as a singer-songwriter. Born in Mexico, moved to the U.S. thanks to a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, and fell in love with the spirit of freedom that one can breathe in America.

  How did you get into the music industry?

My mother sang professionally for a couple of years as I was growing up. I think that had a big impact on me. She got me on stage for the first time, and it was over!  All three boys (my two brothers and I) are professionally related to music. I married a music man too (among many other talents), so music is part of me everywhere and always from the beginning.  

 What are some of your proudest moments so far as a musician?

Getting into Berklee was just surreal, because during that period I was able to perform with Esperanza Spalding; working with Sebastian Krys, Lineu Andrade and Juan Pablo Vega for my current album; co-writing for and with Gloria Trevi; recording a tribute for Juan Gabriel in a duet with Esteman; getting my music video “Colibrí” directed by my husband Guillermo Rosas; and of course, performing at LA Pride!!

What does it mean to you to perform at LA Pride? 

LA Pride is actually my first festival performance with my newest project. It means a lifetime of work connecting my music to my truth, and actually embracing my community with the music that I write and perform. I feel like I can liberate my wildest self, and hopefully take that on to all my future performances.

Why is it important to highlight/showcase LGBTQ+ people of color at events like Pride?

Because mainstream media can’t keep us quiet anymore, we are living a crucial moment in LGTBQ History, where we can show the younger generations that they are represented and that there’s a place of love for them in our society, regardless of their immigration status, religion or family background.

 Can you speak about the obstacles of being LGBT and Latino?  

We are the generation of LGBTQ Latinos whose parents are far more accepting than the those before, but they still had no idea how to talk to us about who we are. Many of us have endured some sort of migration or family separation, and others just move as far as possible from their small towns to live in the more accepting “big gay city centers.” However, even here we carry the burden of the double stigma. Not only are we judged for being gay, but also because of the color of our skin. The less European, or darker we look, the harder we need to work to prove we are worthy on getting equal opportunities. 

 What can guests expect from your performance? 

An explosion of LOVE that’s incredibly romantic and poetic, but that also shows my sexiest and fiercest side! This performance is the live debut of my solo project! 12 musicians live on stage, dancers, and a whole lot of SOUL! 

What is your favorite song to sing live? Why? 

“Colibrí”! Because it’s a dance explosion of ‘60s Funky Soul! In “Colibrí,” I let myself go crazy to a whole other level! Then the next day I’m a tiny bit embarrassed like, “Oh shit, did that really happened up there?” 

 What does “pride” mean to you?

To me, PRIDE means, “LOVE yourself out loud and carry that flag with you everywhere.”

To listen to Georgel’s music, check out his Youtube page.