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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another Defense for Rainbow Flag Creator

A second response to a “Letter to the Editor” regarding the true identity for the historic rainbow flag creator

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: False Claims of Rainbow Flag Creator

One year after his death, Lynn Segerblom began a public campaign to rewrite history. In her statements to the media and public, she has identified herself as the sole creator of the Rainbow Flag, or sometimes as the co-creator. Her narrative continues to change. Lynn is now using her erroneous claims to solicit money for a documentary and a book.

Remembering Harvey Milk’s Legacy at the LGBT Center

Forty years ago, politician and LGBTQ+ advocate Harvey Milk’s iconic journey was tragically ended. The generation of out LGBTQ+ leaders he inspired went on to...

40 Years After Harvey Milk’s Death: Where Are We Now?

About 41 years ago, first openly gay elected official Harvey Milk made history after winning a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,...

Long Beach LGBTQ Center’s Trans Day of Remembrance

Joining with over 100 cities around the world, The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach will be hosting an International Transgender Day of Remembrance event....

Books Shine Light on Harvey Milk, Queer Nuns

Some of the most fascinating queer reads of the summer are about to drop.

Addressing the Issue of Queer People of Color in “When We...

The ABC four part mini-series looks at the gay rights struggle over the past 40 years.   Over the last few decades, Hollywood has made...