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Slow But Steady Increase of LGBTQ+ Representation on TV This Year

December 30, 2019

December 30, 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we begin to reflect. How far has queen representation progressed this year? We saw...

“Transparent” Season 4 Suffers from Neglect

October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017 769

The groundbreaking show finishes its final season with creator Jill Soloway at the helm.

“One Mississippi’s” Second Season Cuts Deep

September 26, 2017

September 26, 2017 3

The second season of Tig Notaro's biting comedy gets real about abuse and survival.

Point Foundation to Honor Jill Soloway for Her Contribution to the LGBTQ+ Community

August 29, 2017

August 29, 2017 56

If you don’t know Jill Soloway by now--girl, you’re about to.

“I Love Dick” is an Almost-Comic, Almost Masterpiece

June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017 162

You may find yourself asking, 'what on earth IS this?!'