The First LGBTQ+ Financial Institution is Here

While it’s been a long road toward advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, one of the last frontiers unconquered remains the financial  world. No longer.  At last, Superbia, a profit-for-purpose financial institution has entered the scene to offer service and counsel for LGBTQ+ folks. It’s long overdue when taking into account that the estimated combined buying power of those who identify in the aforementioned category is valued at one trillion dollars. Yet, of the $55 billion contributed to charitable grants each year, only $160 million is made in grants toward LGBTQ+ causes.

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With the emergence of Superbia, all those lost contributions are at last being given the chance to be redirected back into the pockets of LGBTQ+ people. To boot, tailored products and services, as well as better rates and interest options, will be presented to those participating. Founded by financial services industry veteran Myles Meyers, who was inspired to start the credit union after experiencing discrimination first hand that so often leads to LGBTQ+ people being slapped with higher interest rates, credit judgment for health needs and student loan rejections, Superbia aims to make its clients feel comfortable and welcome.

Assisting in the establishment of Superbia as a tour de force is its relationships with key LGBTQ+ organizations including Hornet Networks and Stonewall Community Foundation. Superbia also has a partnership with Mastercard and CU* Answers to add further integrity to its fresh (and much needed) existence.

As Myles stated, “Our families, lives and financial journeys are not necessarily the same as those of other communities. The products we need and how we are communicated to should reflect our community, using our values, as we determine.” And so, finally, one of the final frontiers for LGBTQs is starting to be conquered. To find out more about the credit union or to donate to the cause, go here: and

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