This November, West Hollywood is Going All Out for Transgender Awareness Month

The City of West Hollywood, in collaboration with its Transgender advisory board, is committed to observing Transgender Awareness Month this November through activities, job fairs, and an awards ceremony. In addition to the festivities and special programming, City Hall will light up at night in blue, pink, and white, the colors of the transgender flag.

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On November 9, the 7th annual Transgender Job Fair will take place in the West Hollywood Park auditorium, an event that will be co-sponsored this year by the City of West Hollywood in collaboration with the L.A. LGBT Center, whose Transgender Economic Empowerment Program seeks to level the playing field for trans community members looking for work. On November 18, the city is also set to co-sponsor the 2017 Transgender Wellness & Wellbeing Conference at LAC + USC Medical Center. Two days later on the 20th, a march for Transgender Day of Remembrance will take place at West Hollywood’s Center for Early Education.

By creating space for events that address the health, economic empowerment, and general well-being of the transgender population, West Hollywood is making a commitment to making sure its trans community members are well served.

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