John Waters Launches Adult Summer Camp

By GENNA RIVIECCIO| Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a little R&R? A change in environment to get away and really let loose after so many months spent watching living in our dystopian present? Well then, look no further than John Waters’ adults-only summer camp, Club Getaway.

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Set against the backdrop of picturesque (yet appropriately creepy) Kent, Connecticut, this weekend-long affair (September 22–24) will offer all the things you never got to experience during your youth. Except for the part where John Waters curates the entire event. And what would a Pope of Trash-ministered occasion be without the constant presence of the pontiff himself to help guide you through your re-lived adolescence?

That’s right, Waters will be there to hold your hand while you enjoy such conventional sleepaway camp activities as zip lining, rock climbing, arts and crafts and, of course, careening down a Slip ‘n’ Slide. After all, Waters is all about recreating a wholesome all-American experience with more than a faint underbelly of seediness. So don’t think that he would leave you high and dry with some mere garden variety tomfoolery. Campers who have paid their $499 for entry and accommodations will also get to experience the full Waters treatment by partaking in burlesque lessons, participating in “Hairspray”-themed karaoke (a sweet fantasy indeed) and having plenty of opportunities to interact with the multi-faceted auteur himself during various Q&A sessions.

If it sounds like a neo-noir take on Wham!’s “Club Tropicana” video, you’d be right, especially since there’s an endless supply of alcohol (for a price, of course – the man’s running a business) once you make it to Bloody Mary bingo. For every type of camper and his or her unique personality, there’s sure to be an activity – even for the sedentary type who would prefer to simply take in a movie marathon of all Waters’ films. And for the lovers of the prom-themed denouement that was once such a constant in every 80s movie, there will also be a dance party rife with an unexpected smattering of songs to make up the playlist.

For the ultimate fanboy or girl, the John Waters-judged costume contest is probably your best bet for feeling “at one” with the director’s work – though it’s hard to know just yet if he expects you to dress like him or as one of the many characters that have sprung from his mind (and please, try to do something more original than Divine in “Pink Flamingos.”)

Naturally, tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity have sold out, but you can always try your luck on the waiting list. The base price of $499 includes just about everything – even an autographed copy of Waters’ latest book, “Make Trouble” – except the cost of alcohol. But surely, you’ll feel drunk enough just being there.

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