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What Can We Learn from Our Gay Elders?

How much do we owe to our queer seniors? Pretty much everything.

In 1971, a Queer Revolution Was Dawning on the Streets of...

Thanks to anti-war activism and the Chicano Movement of the 1960s and 70s, by 1971, the Gay Movement was ready to organize.

The “Take The Knee” Movement Reaches Local Council

Since Colin Kaepernick’s famous 2016 protest, the “Take The Knee” movement has trickled down to local governments across the U.S.

The Dirty Tactics Used Against a Proposed Hollywood Hotel

Are the protestors really against homophobia, or is it all a front?

The Pride LA Presents: The Ultimate Pride Guide

A go-to guide for all things Pride

LA Joins Nationwide Protest With 1984 Screening

Who says you can't have popcorn with your protest?