HEALTH AND BEAUTY: Brentwood’s Newest Anti-Aging Secret

Photo: Courtesy. Beth Meneley, the owner of OxygenWELL, provides anti-aging therapy through healing and regrowth of damaged cells

Can it turn back the clock from the inside out?

Most of us notice aging of our skin, but internally, our cells are aging too. We all want to look and feel younger and find ourselves buying the latest anti-wrinkle creams, cosmetic injections and vitamin shots. As we age, our skin begins to sag and we develop wrinkles due to less blood flow to the skin and less cellular support. 

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Oxygen is the Anti-Aging Secret. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy delivers and saturates oxygen to where your body needs it the most. OxygenWELL in Brentwood, now offers this affordable anti-aging therapy that is proven to offer anti-aging benefits through healing and regrowth of damaged cells and blood vessels, increasing skin elasticity by stimulating collagen and stem cell production.

From professional athletes to celebrities to children on the autism spectrum and adults in need of brain health support, it is no wonder why they seek the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“Our patients breathe in 100 percent medical grade oxygen while relaxing in our pressurized hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The pressure is the key to liquefying the oxygen into the plasma so it can reach areas where oxygen in it’s normal state is often limited to reach because of inflammation or damaged blood vessels,” says Functional Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist, Beth Meneley, owner of OxygenWELL.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help to jump-start the body’s antioxidant defenses, boost metabolism, regrow blood vessels and counteract low oxygen levels that lead to sluggish cell activity and oxidative stress. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also improve blood flow, decrease inflammation, aid in detoxification and fight infection by destroying bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeast and mold that thrive in low-oxygen environments.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is commonly used in treating many age-related diseases and conditions such as memory loss, stroke, diabetes, neuropathy, pain, traumatic brain injuries, digestive issues and cancer support. When tissue in the body becomes damaged or from natural aging, they are unable to receive full support from surrounding blood vessels. This could happen in the brain, in the muscles, joints or in the organs. As we age, our cells often become starved of oxygen due to lifestyle factors such as diet, traumas, stress and environmental factors. By feeding our cells the oxygen that they need, our body can start to repair and thrive.

Many patients come to us post-surgery or for optimal brain health but will often report improvement in their energy, sleep, digestion, more vibrant skin and hair and even increased libido. In fact, a recent study shows remarkable improvement for erectile dysfunction because hyperbaric oxygen reverses the common pathophysiology, arteriosclerosis and decreased blood flow.

OxygenWELL also offers EWOT: Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. Just 15 minutes on an exercise bike while breathing in 93 percent oxygen, will saturate your cells with the oxygen they need for optimal health.

Call OxygenWELL today at 323 660-1200 for a complimentary consultation to see how hyperbaric oxygen can help you live your best life and turn back your clock from the inside out.

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