Ocean Oasis’ Screenings for Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect opportunity for women to get screened to find out their susceptibility to breast cancer. And in Santa Monica, at Ocean Oasis Day Spa for Women, anybody can come in and get a free medical history survey to see if they qualify for testing.

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There are genes associated with breast cancer, and there are certain variances within these genes that can make individuals more susceptible to cancer. One of these genes is the BRCA gene. Every Thursday in October, in light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Lisa Masterson of Ocean Oasis is partnering up with Geneveda to give women an opportunity to find out if they have the BRCA gene.

“Knowing that you have the BRCA gene is helpful because you know that you need to be tested more frequently for breast cancer. Also, you know to be mindful of things like overexposure to radiation,” Dr. Lisa said.

Raising awareness of the BRCA gene is representative of Dr. Lisa’s philosophy at the Ocean Oasis Day Spa, located in a historical landmark Victorian Mansion, on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. Dr. Lisa, an OBGYN, helps and educates patients from all stages of life with their health and wellness when it comes to being a female.

“We help educate women about their health and wellness when it comes to being female,” Dr. Lisa said.

At the day spa, women can get everything from massages and facials, to IV therapy and oxygen therapy. At Ocean Oasis, Dr. Lisa works with women to create a wellness plan to prevent serious health issues from arising proactively, using a combination of Western and Eastern medicine philosophies.

“We have partnered with Geneveda to help raise awareness about the BRCA gene and pinpointing people who have it and helping them tool their wellness plan so that they can stay vigilant and proactive when it comes to breast cancer,” Dr. Lisa said.

Women can go to Ocean Oasis Day Spa, located at 1333 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, to get their free medical history survey every Thursday in October. In addition, a free medical survey can also be completed online, by visiting www.oceanoasisdayspa.com and following the steps on the Breast Cancer Awareness Month pop-up that will appear.