Sign Language Music Video for Queer Anthem Just in Time for National Deaf Awareness Week

Photo: Faultlines.

In honor of National Deaf Awareness week this week, L.A.-based folk band, Faultlines has put out and American Sign Language music video for LGBTQ+ anthem, “Love is All We Own”

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And it rocks.

“I wrote “Love is All We Own” for audiences to sing along,” songwriter John Flanagan said. “It’s a counter-protest song to ‘Rain.’ Both songs acknowledge our current political state, but at the end of all the rallies, the marches and the voting drives, we have to come home to ourselves and live in our love, not our anger. In this highly-charged era in which people are being pigeonholed by their differences, “Love is All We Own” implores us to recognize our similarities.”

The band got inspiration from one of their fans, Libby – a deaf girl who attends all of the band’s concerts.

“We thought it would be a beautiful concept to bring a diverse group of people together and have her teach everyone ASL,” vocalist Ashley Morgan said. “In a world where people are being torn down because of their differences, we choose to celebrate and recognize that we are all stronger because of our diversity. No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, weather you are blind or deaf, Love is all we own. It is important, above all, that we come together and remember this. We’re really excited for the opportunity to bring the message of our music to everyone, even those that cannot hear it. This song is for everyone.”