“Gay Hollywood Dad” Just Premiered at NYAAIF

Margin Films has announced the festival premiere and digital debut of release of Quentin Lee’s Gay Hollywood Dad.  Originally developed as a web series, the latest film from Quentin Lee (White Frog, The People I’ve Slept With) follows Lee’s journey to fatherhood in the City of Angeles.  The feature-length version of Gay Hollywood Dad will premiere August 2nd at the New York Asian American International Film Festival before launching on Amazon Instant Video on August 3rd.
Creator Quentin Lee and his son Casper make their documentary debuts alongside filmmaker friends Adrian Ho and Viet Dang, gestational carrier Crystal Primavera, and actresses Tamlyn Tomita (“Teen Wolf”, The Joy Luck Club), Julia Nickson (Rambo: First Blood Part II, Half-Life), Akemi Look (The Unbidden) and Elizabeth Sung (Memoirs of a Geisha, Lethal Weapon 4).