LA Photographer Maggie West is Your New Obsession

You might think that photos of hot guys in gorgeous lighting are a dime a dozen. And frankly, you might be right. But you probably haven’t been introduced to Maggie West.

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West has been on the LA scene for awhile now, chronicling the complicated lives and sexualities of her friends, acquaintances, and some super-hot models here and there. Her first book, 2015’s Kiss, featured portraits of couples, both binary and non-binary, locking lips beneath smooth lighting. Her newest book, 23, is a portrait series in a different vein. West drowns her subjects in hazy neon light, exposing their vulnerability and sensuality in one subtle stroke.

And good news for us, she’ll be in town on the 26th for 23’s book launch. Check the details below, and even if you can’t show up, spend some quality time on West’s Instagram getting familiar. You’ll thank us later.

let’s party ⚡️ come hang out with me and @theonlyalaska5000 April 26th ⚡️ 21+ only (sorry!!)

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