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Los Angeles, Get Ready for Lamda LitFest!

The second annual Lambda LitFest Los Angeles is just around the corner! Designed to celebrate contemporary voices honoring and expanding on the rich, diverse tradition...

Books Shine Light on Harvey Milk, Queer Nuns

Some of the most fascinating queer reads of the summer are about to drop.

Come Hear Hilary Zaid Read From “Paper is White”

Set in San Francisco in the 90s, "Paper is White" explores what it takes to make oneself whole.

What’s Happening: July 31- August 12

The best goings on around and about L.A.

Escape From Russia

In a new book, one woman tells the true story of her daring leavetaking of Russia’s homophobic regime

In “Awakening,” a Community Rises Up

Nathaniel Frank uncovers the history behind the political uprising of the LGBTQ community

LA Photographer Maggie West is Your New Obsession

23 is so much more than a coffee table book