An Elliott Smith Brunch Experience in LA? You Betcha

“Would you like a little angst with your eggs?”

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In all honestly, this is probably a question we’ve all fielded before at family brunches. But for the few uninitiated, Bar Angeles is Silver Lake is here for you.

What’s been known as the “Elliott Smith Wall”, a makeshift shine to the late singer-songwriter on Sunset Boulevard, is now home to the “elevated dive bar” that is Bar Angeles, where Smith fans from all over can come and–thanks to a newly instated brunch menu–toast their musical hero over mimosas. And a bone-marrow scramble!

Needless to say, it’s all a bit much, really. But everyone has their own special way of coping with the cycle of life and death in all its attendant meaningless. Some ways are just tastier than others, that’s all.

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